Other Models

This page showcases models other than vehicles. Aircraft, ships, rockets, figures, Sci-Fi, etc. are all included.

titanic2.jpg (32902 bytes)        titanic.jpg (28071 bytes)

Two views of my large Titanic model. Looking at the model in 3-D really gives you an idea of what it would have been like to be on the actual ship.

And think about this- Owning a model ship like this Titantic would be much cheaper than owning a yacht. Going on a cruise might be the closest most of us get to shopping for Viking yachts for sale online. Yacht charters are also an option if you're looking to enjoy a luxury day at sea.

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A Vinyl Robby the Robot kit               R2-D2 and C3PO with Darth sneaking up behind.                                              

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Alfred E. Neuman store display         The Revell Beatle models

biltport.jpg (28580 bytes)                                           chriscraft.jpg (17474 bytes)

The Biltrite Airport with the Revell     The Marx Chris Craft cabin cruiser

Pan Am DC-7 in the foreground

lasirene1.jpg (26522 bytes) lasirene2.jpg (44759 bytes)                                ds91.jpg (25874 bytes)

The La Sirene, a ship model by Heller Co.     The Star Trek DS9 Space Station

robot1.jpg (35143 bytes) robot3.jpg (37093 bytes) robot2.jpg (41885 bytes) robot4.jpg (21945 bytes)

I can't say I'm really a big fan of these types of robot/transformer models, but this huge factory diorama intrigued me so I thought I'd add it to my collection. The kit was produced in Japan and marketed by Revell.- This item is for sale. Price $400. Inquire for details.

 2planes.jpg (19592 bytes)

 2 sharp looking 1930s civilian prop planes.    

scorpion.jpg (27862 bytes)                                    tiltawhirl.jpg (33597 bytes)                              

Two of the MPC "Gigantics",             A working Tilt-A-Whirl model in H.O. scale.

the Scorpion- doin' his thing.

moldmach2.jpg (36258 bytes)

One of our museum displays demonstrating how an injection molded model kit is made.

jokitchen.JPG (34378 bytes)

The Youngstown Kitchen set. This is actually one of the first JoHan (originally IDEAL) models. Produced in the early '50s, it was a salesman sample used to sell kitchens. Beautifully done in plastic, metal and masonite board.-

bwe1.jpg (35660 bytes)

The Bucket Wheel Excavator by Revell- Am I the only person crazy enough to actually build this kit? And to think I spent over 4 months on it, too! Thanks to Joe Sojka, Jr. who did some of the initial work.

  Lockheed Constellation in American Airlines livery. I believe this may be an old HAWK kit

The M1- 10K Russian helicopter kit by VEB Plasticart. Kit is 1/100 scale. These helicopters went into civilian service in 1961.

The Monogram Models Constellation in Northwest Airlines livery.

The Revell Constellation in Varig livery

Capital Airlines DC-6B. Not exactly sure who's kit this is, but I'm guessing it's probably Revell.

  The Astronaut in Space kit from 1968 and the Astronaut with MMU, both by Revell.

The Lockheed L-188 Turobprop Electra by Minicraft in 1/144th scale.

Wedell-Williams Racer- 1/32nd scale kit by Williams Brothers Models.

Piper Apache- The Aurora Models kit in 1/72nd scale.

The Dick Tracy Space Coupe -old Aurora Company model from the '60s that was reissued a while back by Polar Lights Models.

The Revell Jupiter C rocket with gantry tower.

United Air Lines Boeing 247- 1/72nd scale Williams Brothers kit with Microscale decals.

Kamov KA-18 Helicopter- 1/72nd scale kit by Amodels of Poland.


The 2001: A Space Odyssey Moonbus. Originally tooled by Aurora Models, this is the later Moebius version.

DC-7B in Braniff livery

A DC-3 in Eastern Airlines livery.

The Pan American ship from the film 2001:A Space Odyssey.

A Constellation in TWA livery.

A Revell Chuckwagon Cowboy scene kit.

Aeroflot jet

Wheeler Cruiser Express

The AMT Flintstone Family Sedan

Frog kit of the Bristol Britannia 100, in 1/96 scale

The Project Vangaurd Satellite by Lindberg.

Dornier Do-X

Idea Models Hughes 500 D in 1/24th scale.

Ford Trimotor AT-5, Airfix/MPC 1/77th scale

The Winnie Mae

Delta -3 Rocket Craft- Nitto 1/24th scale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hk3K8X2fgNY&fbclid=IwAR2w4iUAly-kgbIfO6dh_vzQpiq1h-ze9f9RkW3uKwlkQ2iOyowaDPh-Fw8

     CzechModel 1/48th  Grumman Goose in Transprovincial Airlines livery.

 Curtiss C-46 in Flying Tiger Livery. A Williams Bros. 1/72nd kit.

Evel Knievel Sky Cycle X-2. 1/25th scale, Addar Models

Star Probe- Lindberg Models

     Thomas Jefferson submarine- Renwal Models

        The UFO- Monogram reissue of the original Aurora kit.

    Dehaviland Beaver- 1/25th scale

JU 52 - H.O. scale Roco Models

GENERAL locomotive- MPC Models, 1/25th.

   Martin M-130 China Clipper- Glencoe Models