Every kid who grew up in the '50s had at least one playset and the lucky kids had a bunch. Those of us who weren't lucky enough to have a bunch when we were kids have collected them as adults. Some of us never stuck it rich and have had to take out second mortgages on our homes to afford these little collectibles......

MARX toys was one of the better known playset names, but there were quite a few others, among them Suzy Goose, T.Cohn, IDEAL and Superior.

(The majority of the sets on this page have now been sold.)

In the Fall of 2001, my wife Gay and I went on a crusade to the mecca of playset land to visit 3 toy museums, all specializing in Marx toys: the Francis Turner and Krueger toy museums, both in the Wheeling, WV area, and the Marx toy museum in Erie, Pa. All three were great and we had a ball. I even picked up some great vintage postcards for my collection at one of the museums.

Little did we know however, that the Wheeling Marx plant was right down the block from the Bed & Breakfast we were staying at. We drove down to the (mostly empty) ex-Marx plant and searched desperately for a connection with Marx. Then, all of a sudden we spied the water tower. Bingo!


nursery1.jpg (31164 bytes) nursery2.jpg (42900 bytes) The MARX Babyland Nursery

schoolhouse1.jpg (26917 bytes) schoolhouse2.jpg (50069 bytes) The MARX Little Red Schoolhouse -

ffmotel2.jpg (24488 bytes) motelint.jpg (34910 bytes) The Suzy Goose Friendly Folks Motel

newturnp.jpg (31237 bytes) The MARX Turnpike Service Center -

petshop.jpg (25673 bytes) petshopeintr.jpg (43035 bytes) The MARX Pet Shop -

searsstore.jpg (22573 bytes) I couldn't resist this picture. How often do you see *two* Sears Store playsets in the same room. 

  searsint.jpg (29668 bytes) And of course, here it is a bit more complete.

origmarxgas.jpg (32531 bytes) marxgasawning.jpg (23595 bytes) The original version of the MARX Gas Station playset which was recently reissued. The new version has different cars and is molded in different color plastic. It also has Sears markings on the decals.-

marxjetport.jpg (29834 bytes) airport1.jpg (26626 bytes) airport2.jpg (23850 bytes) The MARX International Jetport playset.(This is actually a combination of two different sets.) -

supercircus.jpg (23511 bytes) supercircus2.jpg (20141 bytes) The MARX Super Circus playset -

superservice.jpg (34555 bytes) marxgasclock.jpg (26192 bytes) A MARX Super Service Station playset. -

constrcamp.jpg (34009 bytes) construction.jpg (23650 bytes) A MARX Construction Camp playset  - .

revset.jpg (33506 bytes) revhouse.jpg (31799 bytes) The MARX Sons of Liberty Revolutionary War playset-

alaska.jpg (30435 bytes) A combination of the MARX American and Mexican Alaska playsets 

flintstones.jpg (27094 bytes) The original MARX Flintstones playset

daktari2.jpg (31879 bytes) The MARX Daktari playset

freightset.jpg (27723 bytes) The MARX Freight Terminal playset-

The MARX Zorro set.

ffsuper1.jpg (32865 bytes) ffsuper10.jpg (42411 bytes) Fully detailed and painted Suzy Goose Friendly Folks Supermarket playset.

 marxbusset.JPG (36054 bytes) The MARX Bus Station playset from the 1930s, complete with a more recent bus model.

marxmshop.jpg (26021 bytes) The Marx Machine Shop, also from the 1930s.

msmbussta1.JPG (39282 bytes) The Marx small tin bus station

The Marx Union Station.

bridgeset.JPG (30843 bytes) An IDEAL playset from the early 1950s, this one is a small village with an operating bridge. 

deluxeserv.jpg (38015 bytes) The Deluxe Service Station set from the Deluxe Game Corp.

nashdealer.jpg (37082 bytes) A fantastic little cardboard punch-out Nash Dealership playset from the 1950s.

futurmatic.jpg (32594 bytes) The Futurmatic Airport by the Automatic Toy Company. Sometimes the boxes were almost as cool as the actual toys.

toygarage1.jpg (29828 bytes) toygarage2.jpg (41054 bytes) The incredible Bilt-Rite Toy Garage from the mid 1930s. B-R really outdid themselves on this one.

biltdeco.jpg (29611 bytes) The Bilt-Rite Art Deco house-SOLD

reogarage.JPG (48068 bytes) The Bilt-Rite REO garage.- SOLD

nywf3-d2.jpg (50904 bytes) A 1964-65 New York Worlds Fair punch out playset.- SOLD

krogerstore.JPG (29418 bytes) A 1960s punchout Kroger grocery store and truck- SOLD

heliport1.jpg (31318 bytes) heliport2.jpg (33090 bytes) The Heliport helicopter landing pad complete with restaurant, gas station and taxi stand. Very nice playset by Mettoy of England. - SOLD

metthosp.jpg (45808 bytes) The Mettoy Hospital playset, based on the same tin as the Heliport. - SOLD

The Mettoy gas station

tintoy.jpg (41675 bytes) This tintoy from the 1950s has some of the neatest graphics I've seen on a toy. It really captures the feel of the '50s in a very peaceful, idyllic sort of way.

eurtin1.jpg (37612 bytes) A 1950s Tin Track, probably German

bellevue.jpg (39624 bytes) Tin litho car/track toys from Germany. -SOLD

navalbase1.jpg (34711 bytes) navalbase2.jpg (38108 bytes) The T.Cohn/Superior Royal Canadian Naval Base.- SOLD

untouchbox.jpg (31228 bytes) The MARX Untouchables playset.- SOLD

The MARX Disneyland playset, featuring much of the original Disneyland park from the 1950s. - SOLD

rexbox.jpg (16833 bytes) The MARX Rex Mars Planet Patrol playset. -SOLD

canavset.jpg (31174 bytes) canavbox.jpg (42099 bytes) The MARX Cape Canaveral playset. - SOLD

disnset.jpg (37512 bytes) disnbox.jpg (18816 bytes) The Disney Television Playhouse

  Camping tin track- SOLD

traintrack.jpg (46996 bytes) Beautiful tin litho set from the 1950s.- SOLD

1950s tin track

40skitchen.JPG (20892 bytes) The 1940s American kitchen playset by Wolverine. - SOLD

kitchbox1.JPG (27328 bytes) The '50s American kitchen in pink and turquoise by Wolverine.- SOLD

 A 1930's airport set by Superior. SOLD

wyanport.jpg (51173 bytes) A 1930's airport set by Wyandotte.- SOLD

breckset.jpg (26949 bytes) A Breck Beauty Salon from the 1950s.- SOLD

firehouse2.jpg (32993 bytes) firehouse1.jpg (42586 bytes) The MARX Firehouse playset.- SOLD

 citiesgas.jpg (24504 bytes) The MARX Cities Service gas station. - SOLD

marxgasbrick.jpg (37922 bytes) The MARX brickfront gas station.

marxgaschrome.jpg (28886 bytes) The MARX Day and Nite Service Station. - SOLD

gasstamustang.jpg (31564 bytes) The Uptown Service Center.

texcolonial.jpg (30167 bytes) The Texaco Colonial Style gas station.- SOLD

supgasdiner.jpg (40538 bytes) The Superior gas station with diner

toylandgas.jpg (37804 bytes) The British 'Toyland Garage' cardboard set- SOLD

Ideal Lubritorium and Auto Laundry

bigtservice.JPG (29468 bytes) The Big T Service Station by Wolverine- Cardboard, tin and plastic- SOLD

gasthimble.jpg (32664 bytes) The Thimble City Gas station turnpike set.

skyscraper.jpg (19018 bytes) The MARX Skyscraper- SOLD

thomasskool.jpg (29268 bytes) The Thomas Playtime School playset

barbmac.jpg (31070 bytes) A couple of combined Barbie McDonald's playsets.

thimble.jpg (36352 bytes) thimble1.jpg (38933 bytes) The Thimble City playset- SOLD

magvill1.jpg (36749 bytes) The Magnetic Village playset, a pre-cursor to Thimble City, probably from the late 1940s.- SOLD

fuchsgrocery.JPG (38687 bytes) A German grocery store playset from the '50s by the Fuchs company- SOLD

redride1.jpg (33177 bytes) redride2.jpg (33315 bytes) The Beautiful Little Red Riding Hood playset by Peek-O Products.- SOLD

thruway1.jpg (44734 bytes) The Electronic Thruway tin playset with "Mysterious Action".- SOLD

overlandtrack.JPG (44667 bytes) The Cragstan Overland Traffic Game- SOLD

1920's Campbells store cutout

Technofix Cola factory

Technofix Coney Island

Technofix Giant Construction Set

      The Shirley Temple Magnetic TV Theatre

An airport Airline Reservation set designed for Barbie dolls

The Barbie Pizza Hut playset

The Barbie Theatre

Mattel Driving School

U-Drive It

MARX Holiday Turnpike